The Bed Bug Protocol: How to Stop Bed Bugs from Spreading

When you hear the word infestation, you automatically think of extermination.

But the equation is not as simple as it seems. After realizing that you’re dealing with a bed bug problem, there’s a lot that needs to be done before having professional extermination.

Bugs primarily reside in living spaces because of the clutter. This is because the endless nooks and crannies found in old furniture your hotel rooms and household items provide the perfect living environment for pests. In order to stop bed bugs from spreading, you need to follow a strict protocol.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to prevent a few bed bugs from infesting the whole place.

Be Careful With Second-Hand Furniture

If you’re buying anything from a yard sale or getting second-hand furniture for your house, make sure to check for bed bugs. Used items have the highest chances of bringing bugs into your house. You’ll have full-blown infestation in the blink of an eye. This is why it is important to evaluate the seller and make sure they’re trusted before making the payment.

Use Protective Cover For Mattresses

Bed bugs don’t need underground tunnels to survive; they can pretty much reside in the folds of your mattresses or hide within any tears in the cloth. Using a protective cover for mattresses and box springs helps reduce chances of infestation.

Make sure that your encasement is light-colored so that it is easier to spot bugs. Check if the cloth is torn or has holes because that will provide easy covers for the bug hideout.

Vacuum Frequently To Get Rid Of Bugs

If you maintain a standard of hygiene at home, chances are, you will not face bed bug infestation. Bread crumbs, morsels of food, and old decaying matter are good bait for pests which can bring along other bugs. Vacuuming frequently can exterminate any uninvited hitchhikers.

Be Careful When Using Public Laundry Services

If you use a Laundromat or a shared laundry facility, make sure to avoid catching bugs during wash. Turn the dryer on a high heat setting because it kills bed bugs while drying your wet laundry. If you’re aware of infestation in your own home or establishment, carry your laundry in a plastic bag and bring back clean clothes in a different bag to avoid transferring bugs.

Try To Isolate Your Living Space In A Shared Home

If you suspect bug infestation, isolate your unit. This can be done by installing door sweeps to prevent transfer of bugs from the tiny opening under the door. Spaces around switch boards and light sockets, as well as cracks in walls must be sealed to prevent movement through the wall.

Own A Portable Heating Chamber

If you have serious suspicions about bed bugs, consider buying a portable heating chamber. Treating any items that you suspect for being infested with bed bugs will help eliminate the critters. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using it to avoid any mishaps.

De-clutter Your House

Last but not the least: de-clutter your house.

This is the primary cause of bed bug infestation. Hoarding and cluttering your living space with inconsequential things only creates further hideouts for bed bugs. Accounts of people who have suffered from a compulsive hoarding disorder have suggested that a clean-up is the first thing needed to exterminate bed bugs. Without de-cluttering, a professional extermination procedure cannot be carried out.

We prepare your home for exterminators. Our experts identify the point of highest infestation and do everything we can to contain the problem before the professionals arrive.

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