3 TV Shows That Accurately Captured the Dilemma of Hoarders

TV shows are a popular medium through which important issues can be highlighted with maximum outreach. This is why focusing plot lines on this problem helps in creating awareness among people in an engaging way.

It also offers an alternate route to channel the paranoia by seeing people getting a hold over this problem.

Seeing life-like characters struggle with this dilemma creates a digital support system for patients.

Here are a few shows that capture the dilemma of hoarding accurately.

Hoarders (2009)

Starring Matt Paxton, Cory Chalmers, Geralin Thomas, this show was released in 2009 and the original run ended in 2013. Over a span of 6 seasons, it captured the stories of different hoarders who were struggling with the same problem in their own unique ways.

In each of the 60-minute episodes, the hoarder is featured with a psychiatrist, professional organizer or a specialist who helps treat this disorder. Issues that this show centered around were Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders and hoarding.

The show portrays professional cleaners who performed cleanups by de-cluttering and organizing living spaces of patients. Each episode concluded with on-screen text which showed how effective the cleanup was for the subject. It also stated whether or not the subject wanted to continue with therapy.

The Where Are They Now sequel of this show compared old footages of the hoarders with new ones after considerable time had passed.  It revealed the progress two or more hoarders had made since they were first featured. The series was able to relate with the problem deeply and offered hope for viewers suffering from it.

Hoarding: Buried Alive (2010)

This American reality television series was first released in March 2010 and went over 5 seasons which concluded in 2014. Premiered on TLC, this show recounted the life experiences of hoarders and portrayed how they managed their disorder.

The show really delves in to the personal life of hoarders to show the extent to which this problem affected their life. It accurately displays how this mental illness takes a toll on your personal relationships and family life.

Each episode lasted approximately 45 minutes and during this period it focused on both, the history of the victim and interviews of his/her family members. The show doesn’t merely gloss over the problem generally, but also zooms in on each item that the hoarder likes to collect.

With the help of professional organizers, the hoarders help rid their house of the unnecessary hoard. Each episode wrapped up in a positive way by highlighting how the cleanup helped improve the victim’s condition. The positivity and hopefulness kept viewers waiting eagerly for the next episode.

The Hoarder Next Door (2012)

This British documentary series also revolves around the problem of compulsive hoarding. Produced by Twenty Twenty, the show features Stellos Kiosses, a psychotherapist who helps treat extreme hoarders. Over a span of 3 series, this documentary is narrated by Olivia Colman and was last aired in 2014.

Each episode focuses on the life of individuals suffering from this disorder and takes the viewer on a journey of how their life events unfolded. From family memorabilia, to ladybird possessions, newspapers, shoes and even books, the featured characters are seen hoarding an array of things.

Often consequent episodes revisit an old story of an individual to capture the extent of the problem and the length of time needed to completely overcome it. One such case is of Ursula and Nigel which reappears in Series 2 Episode 4. Meanwhile these characters struggle with their problems, Stellos Kiosses and his team work to de-clutter their homes for their wellbeing and healthier living.

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