What’s Bugging You? The Paranoia That Comes With a Bed Bug Infestation

Frequent itches and a few red bumps are enough to send people in a fit of paranoia about bed bug infestation. Once the fear settles in, every waking moment of the day is spent fighting it off with obsessive habits.

Here are the stages of paranoid behavior.


If you’re paranoid about bed bugs, the slightest itch can set off alarms in your mind. Bed bugs target in clusters. Chances are, that if you find a red bump on your skin, more than one bug attacked you overnight.

The worst part is that redness and itch are not enough for to diagnose the problem. So unless you find the culprits, your suspicions will remain a doubt.


Once you’re on the mission of getting to the root of the problem, you’ll latch onto hopes of discovering these bugs by inspecting every corner.

It’s not easy to spot these bugs crawling on your mattress or on your duvet.

They’re pretty tiny critters that are hard to locate. In order to track signs of their infestation, one might look for eggs, feces or extra skin.


Most people resort to running a quick Google search.

The best course of action is to use the internet to identify what a bed bug looks like, in the event you come across one. Reading up on the hazards of such an infestation won’t help with the paranoia.


This is the worst stage of realization that your home is infested with bed bugs. The paranoia following this stage consumes you in a crippling fear which inhibits normal functioning.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from scratching an imaginary itch or scrutinizing your clothes helplessly to find little critters. The more you read about bugs, the more you’ll suspect something crawling on your skin.


In most states, it is legally binding for the landlord to get infestations professionally treated. It is better to stop shoving everything in the washer and launder all your clothes and linens at once. Wait until the extermination is over to get back to routine chores.


Once you have cried your fair share of tears over the problem, it’s time to look for a viable solution. Now that you’re over the phase of biting your nails and feeling paranoid about the bugs, search for reliable professional exterminators.

Bed bugs are a menace. If you delay the extermination, a minor case of beg bugs could turn into a massive infestation.

Because bed bugs come out at night, you may experience trouble sleeping. This will eventually take a toll on you physically.

Does your house need bed bug removal? We prepare your home for the exterminators. Our experts identify the point of highest infestation and do everything we can to contain the problem before the professionals arrive.

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