Dangerously Messy: How Hoarding Can Be a Health Hazard

Hoarding is a serious medical disorder where people develop an unhealthy obsession and attachment to objects.

While one person may be obsessed with hoarding every receipt they get for everything they buy, another could have a tough time letting go of the old furniture, even its rotting in a corner of the house.

This chaotic storage of inconsequential things leads to an unmanageable mess.

Your hoarding problem can become a serious health hazard not only for you but your family as well.

Impaired Functioning

It’s true what they say, a clean environment directly affects the way you practice personal hygiene. If you are surrounded by piles of clothes and boxes , you won’t have the ability to engage in a normal cleaning routine.

Hoarding affects the quality of life and may lead to functional impairment. Not only will your house be a mess, but your personality will show symptoms as well. You will cease to live a normal daily routine as the house will be in disarray.

Physical Harm

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how hoarding could risk your physical health. With piles of junk, mixed with large furniture pieces and sharp objects lying around, your house will pose a serious threat to your safety.

Any moment, a mountain of cardboard boxes could fall on your head resulting in a concussion or you could step on a broken piece of glass and injure yourself.

If a fire breaks out, it will be difficult to navigate through the mess. In fact, fire departments have reported hoarding to be a fire hazard that results in injuries and fatalities.

It also poses a safety and health risk for small children living with parents and adults that are compulsive hoarders. They live in a confusing environment where they don’t understand their guardian’s behavior and have to live with the consequences of physical, emotional, and social trauma.

Air Quality Issues

The quality of air at your home will be affected due to the dust, odor, and ammonia from decaying waste products. With heaps of trash and junk blocking the windows and doors, ventilation won’t be possible. It’ll become difficult to breath and you might even develop respiratory issues.

Hoarders are notorious for liking their personal space, not going out and not entertaining guests either. This adds to the secluded and isolated environment which is detrimental to health over time.

Mildew and Fungus

Mold spores give off a stinky odor and cause bacteria growth which further exasperates allergies and breathing issues.

Spoilt food in the refrigerator and dirty plates on kitchen counters will cause leftover food to rot and grow fungus.

Closed off spaces with no ventilation are breeding grounds for mold and mildew especially cool dark spaces like bathroom ceilings, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes.

Sanitation Issues

Hoarding is not limited to collecting junk objects. People can hoard animals, which leads to different health problems altogether.

When owners fail to care for their pets and clean up after them, the waste lying around can often turn into a potential health hazard. The sanitation issues that arise can cause diseases and infections.

Plumbing Problems

Drain clogs, leaks, and other plumbing issues will go unnoticed or ignored with hoarders. With their possessions taking up all the space, it is likely that things will end up down the toilet or the kitchen sink. Sewer backups, water leaks and pest infestations in drain lines will lead to unsanitary living conditions.

The first step to addressing it is accepting that you have a problem and reaching out for treatment. Consider reaching out to a friend or a therapist to help you overcome the obsession. Our junk removal services help you navigate the emotional trauma that comes with parting with your possessions.

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