Horror Stories: Commercial Kitchen Edition

Who doesn’t like to dine out every once in a while? It’s a weekend experience to take a break from cooking and enjoy a great meal with friends and family.

However, do we know what goes on inside of these commercial restaurant kitchens? How is our food prepared? Does the kitchen staff employ safety measures when handling raw meat?

Once we start questioning the kitchen cleanliness and food hygiene, we will surely think twice before going out for a meal.

We’ve collected a few incidents from commercial kitchens that have violated health codes and safety standards. They required cleaning company edmonton. These incidents have been relayed by health food inspectors who have visited restaurant kitchens and found it to be a place of nightmare and horrors.

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare

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A world famous chef and owner of Michelin star restaurants; Gordon Ramsay is infamous for being a strict and crude chef. He has his own cooking shows and is the judge in many commercial reality TV series based on real life restaurant inspections.

His videos widely circulate the net where he goes to inspect famous restaurants in London and US and comes out cursing at the mess in the kitchen.

He has found bare chest chefs inside kitchens and months old rotten meat stuffed in kitchen freezer.

But what is possibly the most embarrassing real life moment from his life is when a local health authority inspector visited his three-Michelin star restaurant in Chelsea and found broken tiles aged with dirt and grime. The star chef was ordered to clean out his kitchen freezer and move the cleaning supplies away from the food. There were reports of possible food contamination. Yikes!

It makes you wonder what else is being hidden behind those famous kitchen doors that store raw and cooked meat in the same freezer.

Rat Infestation

A former health inspector visited a hospital’s commercial kitchen and found a rat infestation. Hospitals are a place of hygiene and cleanliness where people go to restore their health. This hospital kitchen was actually involved in funding more patients back into the hospital for treatment.

The inspector found trails of rat droppings and circular holes chewed in the kitchen supplies. What was more astonishing was the lack of ownership by the staff. Only after the three dead rats were discovered and the physical evidence shown did they accept their health and food safety violations.

Hairy Appendages

Imagine enjoying a delicious meal of hot curry and rice. But what if we told you that it is likely that your curry was made with a secret ingredient that kept it tasting fresh and delicious?

A food inspector relays a story where he found a chef stirring huge pot of curry with not a spoon or a ladle; but with his own hair arm! We will let that sink in and hope that you are able to keep your food in.

Medium Stake with a Side of Roaches

Another fascinating tale by a food inspector in New York found that a widely popular restaurant had a roach infestation.

The problem was so severe that people complained about roaches and pests roaming around the dining area. One patron found dead roaches in his food and that was it!

A food inspector was sent to the restaurant and the unhygienic conditions of the kitchen forced them to take action against the owner. The restaurant was fined and asked to be fumigated and cleaned.

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